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Think 'Toastmasters' with a twist. 


Share your heart from the page to the stage with intuitive practises and 'Broadway' techniques. 


A 6 week course concluding with a ritualistic online showcase where you are invited to share a piece of your unique expression you create throughout our time together. 

What do we cover?

*Clarity on your unique message

*Intuitive and Imaginative Creative Practises

*Weekly Voice and Embodiment Exercises

*Storytelling Structures 

*Exploring Performance Archetypes

*Overcoming fear and resistance to share your message

*Rehearsal and Performance Skills


This course will yes be holistic and transformational, but better yet with lots of laughs as we explore those aspects of ourselves that are aching to be expressed as they have been hiding in the shadows. 


Personal and Business Development that is fun! 


Who is this training for? 


Speakers, Coaches, Leaders, Consultants, Writers, Comedians, Singers, Actors, Facilitators, Teachers, Entrepreneurs. 


Heart-centred humans wanting more connection and creative freedom :) 


Perhaps you want to bring more humour and heart to your work? Rock the stage as a performance artist, speaker or workshop facilitator? Confidently pitch products and services in a genuine way? 


This training will connect you to your inner creative genius so that you can share your unique message and expression that only you can bring to the party. You will also walk away with tools to own your authentic voice with confidence and how to structure your creativity in a format to present it to an audience. 


This journey will give you a platform to be seen, heard and acknowledged in a way your audience haven't experienced before. 


So who is Kirsty Carr?


According to her Primary School Certificate of Recognition, Kirsty is “a No.1 public speaker, an actress extraordinaire, poet of note, has a wonderful sense of humour and conducts school assemblies with confidence.” 


A creator, adventurer and life enthusiast, Kirsty then took a more traditional route and ended up with an honours degree in health and behavioural science. She went onto a variety of management and executive roles both nationally and internationally in health, social justice and advocacy, speaking to large and diverse audiences across different cultures. 


Realising she was slightly off path, Kirsty then studied in-depth all things intuition and creative development - being coached and mentored by William Whitecloud for the better part of five years. She is also a certified confidence coach, and life force activation facilitator. Now, the Founder of Spiritual Jackass, & Kirsty Carr Breakthrough Strategist, she has come full circle integrating her love of comedy and performance with her wisdom of unlocking human potential.


So who is Clare Elizabeth Dea?


"Transforming Shame into Success," Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic influencer known for her raw vulnerability and her ability to rock the stage as a speaker, singer and workshop facilitator. 


A personal development junkie at heart, Clare brings her 30 years experience in showbiz to the conscious creative communities. She loves helping people to align their business vision, build their brand through captivating content and create heart centred connections through powerful storytelling. 


Clare is super duper excited to work with the hilarious Kirsty Carr to help you captivate your audience. She believes they are an extraordinary duo who will ignite your confidence and connection to creative inspiration.

We will only be accepting 6 people for this masterclass series to make sure everyone gets individual attention and the opportunity to perform at the showcase.


Therefore we ask you to apply by answering the questions below. 

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