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Are you ready to feel more clear, congruent, and confident with your relationship with money?


If you answered yes, then raise a celebratory cheeky glass and cheers to your future financial freedom. 


How, I hear you ask?

Its holistic, it's practical AF, it's....

The 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker!


This video is the replay of the workshop 'The Art of Wealth Creation.'

This workshop will introduce you to a variety of sabotaging money archetypes, your 2022 visions and most importantly

the second half teaches you how to use all of the sexy AF spreadsheets

we have created for you to have more peace and prosperity in 2022. 


*The 2022 Financial Freedom tracker can be used on a smartphone, however we highly recommend you use your computer / laptop for best results.

You can download your 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker here





PLEASE make a unique copy for yourself and save the URL and bookmark it on your computer so you don't lose your unique copy and numbers. 

If you prefer excel you can download the tracker below



Success Stories

" I love how easy the financial freedom tracker it is to use. An absolute life saver. Thank you Clare & Oz for creating this. "


Beth G - Writer, Poet, Dancer



" My relationship with money has been revolutionised. I am so grateful for Clare’s gentle and respectful approach to helping me face some hard truths about money.

I am now 'dating money' on a daily basis and taking actions that are building financial security week on week. Thanks, Clare and Oz! "


Elizabeth H - Mother, Workshop Facilitator 


Hi, my name is Clare Elizabeth Dea.


Thank you so much for investing in the 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker.


I am sharing with you the spreadsheets I've been refining with my partner Oz,

that have helped us pave the way to financial freedom. 

We can't wait for you to use them. 


The spreadsheets are easy to use, however watching the replay of our workshop 

'The Art of Wealth Creation' at the top of this page will help you to understand them better.




52 weekly trackers (expenses and income) that automatically calculate a monthly total.

Each month has 5 weekly trackers.

We highly recommend filling out these daily (2 min) or once a week (10 - 15 min)

Please note you can change spending and income categories to suit you.

Just remember to copy and paste your category changes to all the other weeks and months as you go.




*12 monthly trackers (expenses and income).

Each month consists of 5 weekly trackers that automatically calculate your monthly numbers.

These will total together in your yearly tracker.

Please note you can change spending and income categories to suit you.


*All of your monthly numbers are automatically calculated in your yearly tracker. 

Expenses and Income. 

Please note you can change categories to suit you.



*Assets and Liabilities - A spreadsheet for you to record all your assets and liabilities and calculate your net worth. 


*8 areas of life - Family, Social, Health, Romance, Financial, Spiritual, Hobbies, Career. A space for you to list what you would love to have, do and be in 2022 in all areas of life. This helps you to create vision bank accounts. 




*A space for you to calculate weekly, monthly or yearly bills / income. This also has a large range of expense categories for you to use to help you create your spending categories.  




*A space for you to calculate your large fixed expenses for the year like car rego, car insurance, xmas gifts etc. This spreadsheet is designed to help you work out how much a week or month you should save in a seperate bank account for large yearly expenses. 


A space for you to seperate your bank accounts and choose how much to put in each every pay cycle. 


Perhaps after you have watched the online workshop you feel you need extra help with the tracker?


Perhaps you want to delve deeper into the holistic and practical tools I teach 

to transform your relationship with money?


Perhaps you would be interested in my 'LOVE & MONEY' course which you can check out below.