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Would you love to create more wealth?

Feel less anxiety around money?


Create your soul goals for 2023?


Then join us for 'Heart & Money'

A free online workshop with

performance artist, speaker & money mentor

Clare Elizabeth Dea


January 10th

Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.00pm AEDT

Success Story

I loved everything about 'LOVE & MONEY.'


The practical tools combined with the spiritual/ archetypal aspect worked on every level of my psyche - making the work easy to integrate and implement! Not to mention the tangible results that were popping like wildfire since the course began! Biggest $$$ month, new business ventures etc.

I loved everything about Clare's facilitation. She is real and her stories shared are vulnerable, inspiring, heart warming and funny. I just love her and everything she puts her heart and hands to!

What was unique about this course was the combination of practical and spiritual tools.

I would recommend this course to those looking to redefine the way they handle their relationship with their finances. The power of working with both the light and shadow will be a game changer. 

This work will change the way you look at money both personally and in your loving relationships. You will fall more deeply in LOVE with you and your abundant self!


Ella Hall - Breakthrough Coach, Singer & Health Retreat Facilitator

hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea



We all have our own unique money personality! 


We all have our own unique DNA code for building wealth, creating intimacy and thriving in our career. 


Now it’s time to unlock it!


So you can understand your strengths and shadows when it comes to money.


All of my money workshops dive into the Eight ‘Sacred Money Archetypes ®’


*The Romantic

*The Alchemist

*The Ruler

*The Maverick

*The Celebrity

*The Accumulator

*The Connector

*The Nurturer

If you would love to do the 'Money Archetypes Quiz' you can do it here


Working intimately over time with these archetypes will totally change your love & money game.


You will be irresistible to money, your partner and even your clients. 


Whether you are single or in a relationship, these holistic practical tools are for life. Earning, saving and investing more money for now and in the future. 


We are not taught many or any of these skills growing up, so no shame if you feel totally out of your depth around money.

My courses are entertaining, uplifting & educational. You will feel energised, creatively inspired and moved to do the practical pieces of the puzzle to align you with your highest purpose when it comes to money.


All you need to do is show up and allow yourself to play, learn some practical tools and implement some new behaviours into your life.


If you continue to show up as you are now, nothing will shift.



Anyone open to approaching wealth creation from a practical, spiritual and creative point of view.

We do work a lot with creatives, coaches, teachers, performers, speakers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs and healing practitioners. 

The Romantics - the pleasure seekers


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Romantic,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will help you create financial security while living a life to its fullest.


*It will also help you create a relationship that is full of pleasure, ease and comfort while also inspiring you to make and save money like a boss.


Romantics can at times spend without thinking and get themselves into financial challenges. Leaving them feeling vulnerable and anxious. Bringing more tools into place to spend mindfully, they can be saving and investing more money for the future.

The Celebrities - the stars in the spotlight


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Celebrity,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will help you accumulate wealth while being admired and valued in the world


*It will also help you create a relationship that makes you feel significant and recognised while also inspiring you to save money for your future. 


Celebrities can spend impulsively and value status over wealth building practices. They also love splurging on others. When acting out, they can have maxed out credit cards and debts to pay and find themselves in denial or totally caught in a shame spiral. By letting go of masks to avoid emptiness and criticism, they can step even more into the spotlight with a healthy savings account and a loving relationship. 


The Connectors - the relationship builders


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Connector,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will empower you to be financially independent through the value of relationships.


*It will also help you create an intimate relationship that is heart centred and full of meaningful moments while inspiring you to be mindful with money and charge what you are worth. 


Connectors can struggle with money and at times adopt codependent relationships with the Government, banks, parents, partners and credit cards. By implementing new behaviours, connectors can continue to nurture their relationships and community while also building wealth. 


The Rulers - the builder of empires 


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Ruler,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will help you innovate, empower and achieve wealth with ease and grace. 


*It will also help you create a relationship that supports your passionate drive to achieve in your career while giving you space to rest, relax and enjoy life. 


Rulers can at times find it hard to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and live in the moment. Most are prone to be workaholics and miss out on important time with family, friends, partners and hobbies. By embracing the light and the shadows of their money personality, they can finally feel there is enough money exactly where they are and have a thriving loving relationship. 


The Accumulators -  Love to save money and get a great deal


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Accumulator,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will help you respect the power of money by investing in yourself and your vision.


*It will also help you create a relationship that supports your passion for saving money, while  creating a life with meaningful possessions and experiences. 


The challenge for accumulators is they can hoard their money and not be generous with their wealth. Busy building it for a day that may never come. Even though they are usually awesome with money management and saving / deal making, they can get to the point of never achieving their dreams as they won’t spend or invest their money. With embracing the light and shadow aspects of their money personality, Accumulators spend money on their dreams while continuing to save and invest wisely. 


The Alchemists - Here to create a positive change in the world 


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Alchemist,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will help you transform your creative ideas into financial success.


*It will also help you manifest a magical love life while inspiring you to serve the world making a lot of money with your brilliant visions.  


Alchemists can have a love / hate relationship with money. They are so passionate about their art, their cause, the positive impact they want to make in the world, they at times don’t see the importance of money. Therefore at times needing financial help from the government, parents, partner etc. Alchemists have great ideas and can make money in unusual ways, it’s time for you to make and save money from your creative genius. 


Mavericks - The rebels with a cause


*If your primary archetype is a ‘Maverick,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' will help you to balance extreme risk with financial security.


*It will also help you have a wild, at times ‘outside the box’ relationship while being grounded in the simple pleasures.  


Mavericks when in the negative can be secretive, deceptive and put themselves and others  in huge financial challenges. They can get caught into ‘get rich’ schemes. It’s like they are gambling with financial security. By letting go of the need to win approval they can structure deals and handle complex financial situations while still taking a healthy risk. Mavericks are here to be rebels with a cause. They are here to do things outside the box and achieve greatness in their career and in their love life. 


Nurturer - The carers, the compassionate givers


*If your primary archetype is ‘The Nurturer,’ the 8 week 'LOVE & MONEY' course will help you care for others by empowering yourself financially.


*It will also help you have a loving, giving relationship while having time and resources to fill up your own cup. 


Nurturers can tend to rescue others. Whether it’s their kids, partner, friends or community. They can let go of their needs and desires to look after others. Over time this can lead to resentment. With working the light and shadow of their money personality, they can continue to give and care for others, while also choosing a wealthy life for themselves first.     

“Selected portions of these materials have been legally licensed from the copyright owner, Heart of Success, Inc. Copyright 2021 Heart of Success, Inc.”

Kathryn Kassab - Timeline Therapy Coach



Host and Lead Facilitator - Clare Elizabeth Dea


Performance Artist, Speaker & Financial Embodiment Coach

Tech Host & Guest Speaker  - Oz Alima 


Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, Yoga Teacher and Crypto Staker.




Clare is a romantic, celebrity and connector money archetype. She loves splurging on all the things like great food, holidays and transformational experiences: whether it’s a dance class, massage or business retreat. She also loves being in the spotlight, sharing her performance art with the world & spending lots of quality time with friends, Oz and their dog Sammi. 


Not great at saving money and finding herself in a lot of debt, she needed to totally change her relationship with money. From $109000 of debt, she is now debt free and has a more mindful, pleasurable friendship with her finances. 


Clare has been facilitating archetypal workshops for creatives, artists and entrepreneurs the past 12 years and is currently training to be a certified coach in ‘Sacred Money Archetypes ®.’


Oz is an accumulator, nurturer and ruler so loves saving money, making money and helping his community by donating his time and expertise. He loves to experience everything at least once in his lifetime. 


Also being a nurturer, he loves caring for his family, community, Clare and dog Sammi. 


An electrical engineer and project manager by trade, his biggest passions over the past 10 years have been crypto and yoga. He has spent a lot of his time teaching others how to stretch and invest wisely :) 


The shadow of the accumulator is they can spend all their energy saving money, they hoard their finances and never let themselves enjoy luxury. Through a lot of deep money work, Oz has faced his shadows and can proudly say he is creating his dream life and relationship.


Clare and Oz have opposing archetypes, so it's fascinating they have made their relationship last! However, as they say opposites attract! By learning about each other's strengths and weaknesses around money, Clare and Oz have found new pathways for their relationship to thrive. They have regular money dates and practical structures in place to be on top of their money game, while also having space to splurge and enjoy the ‘romantic’ lifestyle. 



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