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The Inspirational Women's Retreat

"Unleash Your Creative Dreams In 2021"


Join Transformational Performer, Speaker, Writer and Creator of 'Money Yoga' Clare Elizabeth Dea and a group of powerful women in Phillip Island to dive deep into your vision, unleash your creative dreams and

build an 'Inspired Business Plan' for the new year. 

Clare Elizabeth Dea - On Stage

Success Story


Clare is truly a powerhouse and is deeply passionate and excited to see you thrive.

She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to heart centred marketing and is deliciously generous with her trainings and worksheets. Her work is a gorgeous blend of pragmatic meets soul. This program has been invaluable in sparking my confidence and reigniting my passion.


Shoshana Sadia


Poet, Performer & Feminine Embodiment Mentor 

hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea

My biggest passion is sharing my heart on the page and the stage.


I also love helping people unleash their creativity and art into the world, while inspiring them with 'Money Yoga' principles to have a business plan in place. 


Whether it's writing a book, creating one of my shows or building a new workshop for my business, I turn to 5 key elements of artistic success. 


1. Honing your craft.


2. Training with mentors you admire and respect.


3. Investing in a nourishing environment that inspires you to create.


4. Surrounding yourself with a community of uplifting and supportive creatives.


5. Creating a spiritual and practical business plan that supports you financially and artistically. 


So I've created "The Inspirational Women's Retreat" integrating these 5 elements.


As I'm in the process of getting ready for my 2021 Australian Tour, I thought it would be an extraordinary experience before I leave, to gift 8 powerful women the opportunity to be in a creative container to embody the artistic and practical tools I use to birth my creative babies into the world. 


From 20 years of being an entrepreneur, facilitating over 1000 classes / workshops and writing / performing  many shows, I have picked up a thing or two :) 


It totally gets me jazzed up to help women like yourself build structures for your creativity and career to thrive. I would love to help you nourish and nurture your vision while also having some fun on the beach and relaxing in the spa. 

Also guest facilitator Megan Jaworski will be joining us to share how to create a philanthropic avenue in your creative business. 


This retreat will yes rejuvenate your soul and transform your career, but better yet with lots of laughs as you unlock your business potential with humour and heart. 


You will walk away with soul sister connections, new content, a sexy strategy for 2021 and inspired even more to co-create a positive impact in the world through what you love doing most. 

This retreat is also sponsored by Evohe. Skin care and self nurture products. The CEO of Evohe and author, workshop facilitator Megan-Kurts Forrester will be our guest teacher for our nurture circle on the Wednesday evening.

My appearance on Studio 10

Success Story


"I've just finished working with Clare Elizabeth Dea. What an amazing journey it has been! Clare’s open-hearted and authentic communication style resonated with me from the start. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is a shining example of someone fully being and expressing themselves. She is a gifted mentor and has a way of getting the message through in a fun and inspiring way. She has helped me in so many ways it’s hard to concisely express. One of the massive takeaways was getting clarity on my purpose and vision, while also helping me to shift a lot of my own limiting beliefs and develop the courage and the confidence to putting myself out there. Thank you so much Clare for all the support, wisdom and love you have given us! It is clear you have found your calling in life, and I know you will continue to massively transform the lives of all you work with."


Lucy Graham - Songwriter and Singer



Monday Evening 11th January - Friday Morning 15th January 




A gorgeous home by the beach in Phillip Island, Cowes. 


Who is this retreat for?


* Creatives

* Writers

* Speakers

* Performers 

* Coaches 

* Workshop Facilitators 

* Online Marketers 

* Entrepreneurs 


Women who would love to connect deeper with their vision, unleash their creative expression and create an 'Inspired Business Plan' for 2021. 


What to expect? 


* Connections with other fabulous heart centred women 

* Time to relax, go to the beach and have an outdoor spa

* Daily 'Spiritual Broadway' classes to unleash your authentic expression

* Daily writing classes to journal and create content

* Improvisation classes to enhance your stage craft

* Business Hotseat to face off with your biggest challenge in your career

* Visioning and Intuitive Goal Setting

* Daily online classes to create your 'Inspired Business Plan' for 2021 delving into all things     financial, practical, creative and spiritual.

* Time to swap skills with the other women on the retreat if you choose

* Self nurture circle to cultivate sisterhood and self love practises. 

* Open Mic to share your creative gifts 

* Dance Party to celebrate our time together 





Early Bird - $800 upfront

Payment Plan - $297 deposit and 4 payments of $150


What's included ?


*4 nights accomodation 

*Fruit and snacks on arrival 

*Daily workshops to unlock your creative potential and up level your writing, speaking and performing skills

*'Money Yoga' for business spreadsheets 

*Access to live online program 'Inspired Business Plan' and workbook. Aligning your 2021 visions and goals.

*Self Nurture Circle with gifts sponsored by Evohe

*Open Mic / Dance Party 


What's not included ?




With so many dietary requirements and different food budgets, I decided to give you the freedom to organise your own food. There is a kitchen you can cook in and cafes, restaurants in Phillip Island. Order Uber Eats if you please! I will be having dinner each evening at a local restaurant and you are more than welcome to join me. 


How many people?


Maximum of 8 women 


To make sure this is in alignment I please ask you to fill out the application below

Application Form


Success Story


I recently worked with Clare Elizabeth Dea over a six month period and it is without a doubt one of the most transformative learning experiences I have been a part of.

Clare is a tremendous facilitator who walks the walk and leads with love. Her ability to find the voice inside of you and to amplify this is second to none. You are at a crossroads now. Imagine a world where you reach the potential you know you have deep inside you. Clare will help you get there but be prepared to do the work! 


Steve Brophy - Writer and Teacher



Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a performance artist, speaker and writer. She is also the creator of 'Money Yoga.' She loves helping others align their vision, build an unique brand and live their soul's path. Extremely passionate about authentic expression, storytelling and connection, audiences are captivated by her presence and ability to move them deeply.

Working officially from the age of 16 in the Entertainment Industry, Clare started wearing a lot of masks on and off the stage. Hiding from the world that she was born with Poland's Syndrome, a rare congenital condition where her left hand side of her body is smaller than her right. Born without her left pec, her left breast never developed as a teenager. She was so ashamed of her body, she kept it a secret for many years.

In 2014, after a lot of soul searching, psychotherapy and personal development, she courageously shared her story publicly in memoir 'The One Breast Goddess - Transforming Shame Into Beauty.' This led to many interviews and speaking opportunities about owning your authentic voice, including an invitation from Tedx.

Also passionate about helping other creatives shine, Clare's entrepreneurial spirit led her to open various businesses including the 'Victorian Dance Studio,' holistic acting school 'Meisner Melbourne' and online talk show 'The Actor's Process.' This led her to be nominated for Telstra Business Woman Of The Year.

In 2018, she launched her first transformational theatrical experience 'Dropping The Mask.' A One Woman show with live band. A sold out season and rave reviews, Clare was inspired to create a new show to tour the world.

In September 2019, Clare launched a new show 'Devil Woman' at The Melbourne Fringe Festival. Delving into her story of having Poland's Syndrome in a comedy cabaret. Media caught onto her story and she started receiving publicity all over Australia. Channel 10, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Channel 9 Honey, The News Daily, The Melbourne Explorer all featuring her story. Then American Company 'Hasttag Stories' saw her story and together they crafted a video about her show, which received over 1 million hits in the first 24 hours.

Late 2019, a film that she starred in ‘Bodies’ played in Hollywood and New York at NYC Doc Fest.


She is booked regularly to MC, Speak and Perform her original songs and inspirational comedy. Recent gigs have included 'Hello There's' events ‘Get Hacked, Get Hi’ and 'Get Mic'd.' Also 'Big Love Festival,' 'Soul Star Festival' and 'Freedom Fest' in Gold Coast. 

She is currently touring around Australia with her new show 'The Spiritual Love Guru.' 

In 2021 Clare is launching her online creative's B-School and Inspirational Women's Retreats. She also has a range of online courses to support you, including a financial tracker to help creatives be clear, congruent and confident with their finances. Clare looks forward to chatting to you to see if this retreat is true for your next steps in your career.


Meghan Kurts Forrester Author of 'WTF - A Man's Guide - navigating the menstrual mood swing' and CEO of EVOHE Skincare is an expert on navigating life via Self Care and understanding the cyclic nature of women. 


As a solo mum of a 4 year old and having gone through the loss of losing several close family members including her husband she's had to dive deep into her childhood, her lineage and how she ended up here. Along the way, she's discovered some pretty awesome resources which have saved her sanity and given her a healthy framework to stand on her own two feet. 


In her first book "A Mans Guide" She openly offers her Insights into communication, intimacy and sexuality in the hopes that men and women can get along better, go deeper, recover from old wounds and thrive together. 

Evohe and Meg are sponsoring the 'Inspirational Women's Retreat' with a beautiful sister circle on the Wednesday evening. Meg will be live streaming from QLD and gifting everyone on the retreat with a special package to help them nurture and nourish their vision.


We will also get insight from her new book "When Shit Gets Real - A Woman's Guide."

Meg offers a 10% discount to anything on the Evohe website who is friend's with Clare. Just use the discount code LIQ.

The website is

Thank you Meg and Evohe for helping so many high performance women connect to their cyclic nature and to prevent or recover from burn out. 


"Megan Jaworski is a mother of two small boys, a lover of ethical fashion, and founder of Edge Foundation – a charity that educates vulnerable children in Zimbabwe, where she began a school eleven years ago. She helps female entrepreneurs be bold and lead in business and life through creating a powerful mindset and taking intentional action to live on purpose each day. She does this through one on one coaching, School of Impact, workshop facilitation, and keynote speaking. Megan believes that when women in business are living on purpose then they’re in alignment with their mind, body and spirit, which empowers them to make a greater impact in the world. She’s a qualified purpose coach, Neuro-linguistic Programmer (NLP) and teacher.


Nothing lights Megan up more than seeing women step up and into their purpose to create positive change in the world through their business. Which is why she’s running a workshop at 'The Inspirational Women's Retreat' about creating a philanthropic avenue in your business. When women make giving back a part of their business values, it not only benefits you personally with an abundance mindset and feel good factor, it also deeply benefits the charities you’re supporting and those impacted by them. Which is why she’ll be sharing the power of philanthropy and how to choose what charities align to your business values. Megan believes this is key to making this world a better place for all, and that’s why she’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs be bold and lead in business and life.

You can follow Megan on Instagram and Facebook @meganjaworski.xo, LinkedIn or her website” 

Success Story


Working with Clare has been very beneficial for my healing practice. Her passion and knowledge come through an abundant amount of information and unique resources. Her communication is clear and beautifully structured, making every block of content an exciting area of growth. Her embodied approach has helped me to move from my head into my felt sense to make a deeper connection to my self and better decision for my business. 

Alexandra Garrido - Holistic Emotional Healer & Artist

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