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Thank you so much for committing to an 'Intuitive Prosperity Session' with me. 


To get the most out of the session, I suggest spending some time learning more about my work and the principles of 'Money Yoga.'  This is the modality that your session will be based around, along with my intuitive nudges on the way. 


Feel free to have a sneaky peek at my website and please read the information about 'Money Yoga' below before our session. 

Success Story

I participated in Clare Dea’s ‘Making Money Sexy’ program earlier this year and as a result I can say that my relationship with money has been revolutionised. I am so grateful for Clare’s gentle and respectful approach to helping me face some hard truths about money, to become intimate with the beliefs and actions that I have been informing my behaviours around money and to dance my way into a new narrative about what it means to be a Wealthy Woman.

As a result of this, I am now 'dating money' on a daily basis and taking actions that are building financial security week on week. Thanks, Clare! Your beautiful heart and loving, generous, exuberant nature are a gift to me and my family. 


Elizabeth H. - Workshop Facilitator 


hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea

I'm the creator of 'Money Yoga,' a performance artist, speaker and author. I love empowering people to create an extraordinary relationship with money, business and their creative inspiration. 


What is 'Money Yoga?'


Money Yoga is a holistic revolutionary approach to money, business and living an inspired life. 


I separate 'Money Yoga' into 3 categories.


1. Money Yoga for Everyone

2. Money Yoga for Business

3. Money Yoga for Artists, Creatives, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs. 


For me this practise has forced me to grow up and become an adult around my finances and business. In turn, I have had so much more freedom and success in my creative pursuits. 


The 10 principles I practice in my own money journey and share with my community are...


1. Confidentiality 


Everything that is shared in a 'Money Yoga' session or class is confidential. Unless you give me permission to post a review or you choose to share your experience with others, everything will stay between us. 


2. Truthful Awareness


We take time in sessions to be truthful about how we are feeling around money / business and then I invite you to take actions to get out of vagueness and into clarity. For example - I may invite you to start tracking your numbers personally and in your business. 


3. Honoring


I encourage everyone in my sessions to take a moment to honor their finances / career / business. I find when we have gratitude for everything that is, we are in a great place to create a sacred path forward towards our visions. 


4. Accountability / Community


I offer accountability partners, a community and 'Money Yoga' classes for people who need extra support and want to have a mastermind group around their money / career / business. It is powerful when people come together with a common goal. 


5. Service


I offer free sessions and workshops in my business as I know I cannot keep what I'm not willing to give away. I also encourage others to do the same thing. This may look like writing a testimonial, referring my work to others or participating in my programs with an intention to make a bigger impact in the world. 


6. Education


I share a lot of money, business and creative artistry tools in 1-1 sessions and 'Money Yoga' classes. I also invite in guest speakers to talk about areas of finance and business that aren't my expertise. We also ask the community to speak and share around their passions. I have courses and classes around a range of topics, for example; savings, investing, earning more money, business plans, spirituality, branding, marketing and sales. 


7. Sacred Money Maps


In 1-1 sessions and 'Money Yoga' classes we delve into a range of money maps such as 'Spending Plan,' 'Savings Plan,' 'Debt Repayment Plan' 'Tax Plan' 'Investment Plan.' In 'Business Yoga' we study and action 'Spiritual Business Plans', 'Content Marketing Plans' and 'Successful Launch Strategies.' 


With Creative's we also dive deep into how to build your brand, get clarity around your ideal audience, how to earn more money and make an impact with your talents. 


8. Archetypes / Shadows


In 'Money Yoga' we work with 4 main Archetypes... the 'Money Queen/King' 'Money Magician' 'Money Lover' and 'Money Warrior.' 


We also look at a range of shadows including the 'Money Avoider,' 'Impulsive Spender,' 'Chronic Underearner,' 'Compulsive Debtor,' and 'Money Hoarder.' 


By embracing the light and dark parts of our personality, we can create more peace within ourselves and in turn take more aligned actions. 


9. Financial Forgiveness


Inspired by my recovery in 12 step programs, in 1-1 sessions we dive deep into forgiveness. This is where we focus on the areas of life that are challenging you and look at ways for you to forgive yourself and others and move forward with a fresh slate. Also looking at what amends you need to make, for example a debt repayment plan. This is done with a lot of humility and care. Very much to be done 1-1. Doing this part of the work creates a lot of financial, business and artistic miracles.


10. Visions 


The most exciting part of 'Money Yoga' is the realisation of your visions. By practicing all of the principles and getting clarity with your personal and business goals you will start living out all of your desires. Peace, clarity and prosperity unfold when you work all the principles. 



If you experience 1 or more of the following you would benefit from 'Money Yoga For Everyone.'

  • Your unclear about your financial situation. Not known account balances, monthly expenses, loan interest rates, fees, fines or contractual obligations. This being with your personal money or business. 

  • Difficulty meeting basic financial needs for yourself and your family. This could include rent, food, bills, petrol, gifts for special occasions, clothes, dentist, doctor etc. 

  • Frequently borrowing money from banks, friends, parents, partner, not exactly sure how or when you will pay them back. This includes credit cards. 

  • Poor saving habits. Not financially planning for holidays, taxes, retirement etc.

  • Not being able to pass up a 'good deal.' Making impulsive purchases and not really needing or truthfully desiring them.

  • Living in chaos and drama around money. Feeling regular waves of shame, guilt, fear and anxiety. Not being 100% truthful to yourself, others or institutions about your finances.

  • A tendency to living on the edge. Perhaps claiming you are living in the moment but not actually feeling peaceful.

  • Clinging to useless possessions in your house, office, car and digital information on your phone / computer.

  • Inhibition, embarrassment, shame, fear or guilt come up regularly when having money conversations. 

  • A feeling or hope that the universe, family, partner or tattslotto will save you

  • Overworking. Working ridiculous hours and feeling depleted. 

  • Underworking. Not working much at all and not feeling very inspired to. 

  • Underearning. Not earning what you deserve. Questioning your worth. 


If you experience 1 or more of the following you would benefit from 'Money Yoga For Business.'

  • You don't have a system in place to record all your business numbers

  • You aren't clear about when taxes and bills are due, also not being clear what you have paid and what you are owed.

  • You spend on your business without making a holistic business plan

  • You undervalue or under price your goods or services

  • You overprice your goods or services

  • You don't earn what you deserve

  • You don't separate your personal and business accounts and expenses

  • You don't have written agreements for everything and live in vagueness

  • You could overwork for a period of time which leads to exhaustion and not working at all.

  • You are in early stages of creating a business and just don't really know where to start.

  • You could personally live in a state of deprivation for your business to flourish. 

  • You are a high achiever, perfectionist who is never satisfied with their work

  • You don't know the exact costs of your expenses and profit margins. 

  • Your business is in debt and you are borrowing money to keep it afloat

  • Your last business, project or launch fell flat and you are looking for support


If you experience 1 or more of the following you would benefit from 'Money Yoga for Creatives, Artists & Entrepreneurs.'

  • Not regularly recording your income and expenses for your art, creativity, services

  • Not 100% committing or believing in your visions

  • Not 100% embracing your art, creativity or services as a professional business model

  • Not having a holistic business plan in place

  • You don't always have written agreements in place

  • Questioning your worth and value in your industry and in turn under price your products and services

  • Not making enough money from your art, creativity, services to pay yourself properly. For example weekly pay, holiday pay, sick pay, emergency fund, superannuation. 

  • Volunteering and giving your services away for free more than you are getting paid

  • Overworking to the point of exhaustion and then stop working for periods of time.

  • High achiever / Perfectionist that struggles to actually release products and services out into the marketplace

  • Jealousy / Envy / Comparison to others in the industry

  • Not regularly practising your craft for the fun of it

  • Not regularly upgrading your artistic and business skills.

  • Constantly developing your artistic and business skills and have nothing financially to show for it.

  • You don't know the exact costs of your expenses and profit margins as an artist / creative / entrepreneur

  • Your last creative project or launch fell flat and you are looking for more support

  • You want to pivot as a creative or in your business

  • Time Drunk. Time gets away from you. You want more structure and organisation to support you.

  • Addictive behaviours to prove your worth. This could result in a longing for fame, recognition and applause. Perhaps you don't feel seen or heard in your talents. 

I am really looking forward to our session together.

You may feel overwhelmed, nervous or anxious about our session. This is a perfectly normal response and please know we will have fun together and you will leave the call together with more clarity.

Any questions, please email

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