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Welcome to ‘Making Money Sacred’ an eight week online adventure led by 

performance artist, speaker & money mentor Clare Elizabeth Dea


Is your relationship with money more “It’s complicated” than “Happily ever after”?

This course is not just about balancing your checkbook, it’s about transforming your entire financial landscape into a sacred journey of self-discovery. 

Whether you're currently drowning in debt or swimming in cash, this course is 

your ticket to unlocking the spiritual, creative, and practical

sides of your finances, guiding you towards peace and a life you love.

🔮 The Sacred Money Archetypes® 🔮

Every one of us has a unique money personality and codes to attract wealth.

Now, it's time to unlock it! 

Understand your strengths and shadows when it comes to money through an 

embodied deep dive into the 8 ‘Sacred Money Archetypes®’

The Romantic, Nurturer, Maverick, Celebrity, Ruler, Connector, Accumulator & Alchemist. 

In 'Making Money Sacred' not only will you dive deep into your 

money personality, you will learn the practical skills that you will 

need to generate and save more money while living a life you love.


Meet Clare Elizabeth Dea

Your Guide to Financial Fabulousness ✨

Is your relationship with money at times like

a soap opera, full of drama & unexpected twists?


Then it’s time to meet Clare Elizabeth Dea, your spirited and savvy money mentor ready to lead you on an epic journey to help you live a prosperous life that you love. 


With over 25 years of experience facilitating workshops for creatives and 10 years specialising in archetype work, Clare brings a treasure trove of knowledge and a delightfully unique approach to financial education.

Course Highlights

Sacred Money Archetypes: Each week, dive deep into a new sacred money archetype and discover how they influence your financial decisions and relationships. 🌠

Holistic Money Makeover: Say goodbye to boring finance lectures. Here, we blend spiritual practices with practical strategies, turning money management into a soulful journey. It’s like yoga for your wallet—meditation meets money magic! 🧘‍♂️

Living by Your Values: Craft a spending plan that’s as unique as you are, aligning your finances with your deepest values and heart’s desires. Get ready to live a life that’s rich in meaning and purpose! 💖

Self-Paced Learning: Binge-watch your way to financial freedom or take your time with 8 pre-recorded video lessons. Yes, you have lifetime access to the content, but you can choose the option of Voxer support with Clare, available for 8 weeks from the time of purchase. 📚

Homeplay Assignments: Get hands-on with 15-30 minutes of homeplay each week. It’s in the practical actions you take that change will happen. ✍️

Voxer Support: Your Financial Fairy Godmother: Message Clare via WhatsApp or Facebook for accountability, inspiration, and course-related questions. Clare’s got your back, responding within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Because financial freedom should come with a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of support!


Voxer is a bonus addition to the course if you choose the VIP option🧚‍♀️

I'm in

Kathryn Kassab who recently did an 8 week online money course 

with Clare & Oz

Who Should Join? 🚀

Coaches and Facilitators: Supercharge your ability to guide others by mastering your own financial mojo 💪

Speakers and Writers: Gain the confidence to share your message without financial worries holding you back 🎤📝

Performers: Navigate the rollercoaster of an unpredictable income with systems & structures 🎭💃


Entrepreneurs and Artists: Align your wildest creative dreams with practical financial strategies to support your vision 🎨💼

Teachers: Build a rock-solid financial foundation that lets you inspire and educate without the stress 📚🍎

Healers and Wellness Practitioners: Balance your passion for helping others with the need to keep your own finances glowing and growing 🌿💰

Is This You? 🤔

Passionate Dreamer: You're committed to following your heart's desires and intuition, living a life that’s not just financially stable but truly fabulous 💖✨

Growth Enthusiast: You're dedicated to personal growth and transformation, ready to dive deep into your financial beliefs and habits to create lasting change 🌱📈

Service-Oriented: You’re driven to serve and help others, knowing that achieving financial peace will supercharge your ability to make a positive impact in the world 🌍💫

If you're ready to embrace a new financial reality that supports your dreams and lets you serve others without sacrificing your own peace of mind, then "Making Money Sacred" is your ticket to financial bliss 💸💸💸


For the past 5 years, Clare and her husband Oz have been transforming lives through their money workshops, blending spiritual and financial tools to help people achieve lasting financial peace. 

Eight years ago, Clare had a life she loved... Well that's how it looked!

A successful acting school, online talk show and a beautiful rented home. But behind the curtain, she was juggling over $100,000 in unsecured debt, no financial assets and had absolutely no clue how to manage her personal finances. 


To add to the drama, she was struggling to make any romantic relationship work, treating her parents like a bank, and not actioning her truth - to write, perform, and tour her own one-woman show.


When her new boyfriend Oz wanted to have "the talk" about finances, it felt like stepping into a horror movie. Instead of running for the hills, Clare faced her fears head-on by joining a financial recovery program (think AA but for money) and totally changed her relationship with her finances. 

Clare’s knack for storytelling captivates audiences and takes them on a transformational journey. Her raw and hilarious tales of financial misadventures have inspired thousands, and she’s a sought-after speaker at women’s events.


Now debt-free, happily married to Oz and following her heart touring Australia with her transformational musical comedy shows, Clare is dedicated to helping you live a life you love with financial peace, and plenty of laughs along the way. 

A cheeky bonus is that Clare’s husband Oz Alima makes a guest appearance in this online program.

Sign Me Up


Option One - Receive instant life time access to 'Making Money Sacred.' Binge watch all the content or slowly take your time to go through the program. 

6 payments of $60

Option Two - VIP 

Receive instant access to 'Making Money Sacred' with 8 weeks of voxer support on FB or WhatsApp with Clare. Have Clare in your back pocket for accountability, inspiration and to ask any questions if challenges come up. 


$550 upfront.

Option Three - VIP for couples 


Receive instant access to 'Making Money Sacred' with 8 weeks of voxer support on FB or WhatsApp with Clare. Have Clare in your back pocket for accountability, inspiration and to ask any questions if challenges come up navigating this course together. 

$880 upfront.

Clare knows that diving into a money course might feel like a big investment, especially if finances are tight right now. That's why she has made "Making Money Sacred" affordable with a payment plan option. 🌟


Sure, the price is friendly, but don't let that fool you—this course is worth thousands. By committing to the videos, taking action, and using the Voxer support if you choose VIP, you'll experience a total transformation in your financial life. 💸


Clare's mission is all about empowering heart-centered creatives like you to build a healthy relationship with money. She wants you to live a life you love, doing what your heart desires without the stress of financial worries. 💖

FAQs 🤔

Do I have access to the content for life? 📚

Absolutely! You'll have lifetime access to all the course content. It's like having a treasure chest you can dive into anytime. However, if you choose VIP, the one-on-one Voxer support with Clare is available for the initial 8 weeks—your financial fairy godmother on speed dial! 🧚‍♀️📱

How does Voxer support work? 🤳

You can choose between Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for your Voxer support. This space is designed to keep you accountable for watching the videos and taking action steps. Most importantly, it's your go-to spot for asking any questions, sharing challenges, and gaining insights from the videos. You can message Clare anytime, and she will respond Monday through Friday, usually within 24 hours, unless there's an emergency. If Clare is sick or an emergency arises, your Voxer support period will be extended. 🕰️📬

Is there a refund option? 

Nope, Clare doesn’t offer refunds. However, she has never had a client request one, thanks to the course's immense value and affordability, backed by numerous testimonials. 📜💬

Are there any bonuses? 🎁

Yes! You'll get Clare & Oz’s 2024 Financial Freedom Tracker and 2024 Creative Business Tracker to help you easily navigate the practical aspects of the program. 📊📈

Any more specific questions please email

“Selected portions of the materials in this course have been legally licensed from the copyright owner, Heart of Success, Inc. Copyright 2021 Heart of Success, Inc.”

I'm ready to start


I loved everything about this course.


The practical tools combined with the spiritual/ archetypal aspect worked on every level of my psyche - making the work easy to integrate and implement! Not to mention the tangible results that were popping like wildfire since the course began! Biggest $$$ month, new business ventures etc.

I loved everything about Clare's facilitation. She is real and her stories shared are vulnerable, inspiring, heart warming and funny. I just love her and everything she puts her heart and hands to!

What was unique about this course was the combination of practical and spiritual tools.

I would recommend this course to those looking to redefine the way they handle their relationship with their finances. The power of working with both the light and shadow will be a game changer. 

This work will change the way you look at money both personally and in your loving relationships. You will fall more deeply in LOVE with you and your abundant self!


Ella Hall - Breakthrough Coach, Singer & Health Retreat Facilitator

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