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What are your primary money archetypes?

Are you a nurturer, romantic, celebrity? Or perhaps a maverick, accumulator, connector?

Each money archetype has strengths and challenges to help you build your dream career and make money in your unique way. 


Please answer each question from your WHOLE LIFE EXPERIENCE. Not just the last few years. Especially if you have been making positive money changes in your life. Better to answer it from a time you weren't doing any personal development. 


Look at how you behaved from when you first started making money to now. There will be regular patterns and behaviours that have played out. 


Be extremely honest when answering, but don't overthink the answers. You should only take 5-10 seconds to answer each question. 


No one will ever see the answers to your questions. This is to give you permission to answer truthfully. 


You must answer each question in the green box with a number from 1 - 5. 

1 - Strongly Disagree

2 - Disagree

3 - Neutral

4 - Agree

5 - Strongly Agree


If you have no idea how to answer a question, answer with the number 3. 

The top percentages are your primary sacred money archetypes ®.

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