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Relationship Workshop

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A workshop for women.. single or in a relationship... who want fun, practical and holistic tools to deepen their relationships and create the partnership they are yearning for.


Hi :)

My name is Clare Elizabeth Dea and I am a performance artist, speaker, transformation coach and author of the book -'The One Breast Goddess... Transforming Shame Into Beauty.'


So why I am inspired to run a relationship workshop for women?




I sucked at the dating process and even more at being in a relationship that felt in alignment with who I am and who I want to be in the world.


The final straw was when I started dating the man of my dreams and after 3 dates... he apologised... 'I'm not over my ex.'


As I painfully let go of the fantasy... I researched the art of dating and relating and then BOOM....I found a book that changed my life forever and I started intentional dating......


I was attracting in amazing men....




It was one thing to attract in the men.... a whole other story to keep them around... especially if you are woman wanting a relationship :)


Finally 15 months ago, an extraordinary man asked me to be in a committed relationship and we have now been living together for 8 months.

Even though I am in a committed relationship, I still practise many things I did when I was dating.... the holistic dating tools are actually the key to maintaining a relationship that just keeps getting better and better over time......


Last year I ran several dating workshops for men and women.


Everyone raving about the tips and tools I shared and many people calling in loving relationships.


Also.... some realising they actually felt more alive being single at this stage in their life..... or in an open relationship.


However a year later... being in relationship and living with my man.... I have dived deeper and feel I have so much more to share.


This workshop is a one off opportunity to come and work with me in person and transform your relationships.

So choose a date......12th, 13th or 14th September....7:30 pm... grab some girlfriends and come along....


Whether you are single or in a relationship... this workshop will help you if you come with an open mind and loving heart.


Even if you don't feel 'ready' for a committed relationship at the moment.... this workshop will help you get clearer on what you want to create.


And hey.... even if you are in an amazing relationship.... if you feel like a night out to continue deepening your relationship with yourself, your partner and other women, come along :)


  • The 12 elements to attraction

  • The 7 love languages

  • Dating and Relating tips and tools

  • Embodiment Practises

  • Q & A

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