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Bring humour, heart and raw authenticity to your craft

Delving into structured improvisation, embodied writing and the performance archetypes, you will experience a personal transformation and an ability to captivate your audience with your storytelling skills.

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I recently worked with Clare Elizabeth Dea over a six month period and it is without a doubt one of the most transformative learning experiences I have been a part of.

Clare is a tremendous facilitator who walks the walk and leads with love. Her ability to find the voice inside of you and to amplify this is second to none. You are at a crossroads now. Imagine a world where you reach the potential you know you have deep inside you. Clare will help you get there but be prepared to do the work! 


Steve Brophy - Writer, Podcaster and Teacher

hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea

I am a professional performance artist, speaker and writer.


With 25 years experience facilitating creative workshops and performing on many sets and stages, I feel deeply moved to share what I have learnt with other creative hearts.


Would you love to write, play and co-create with me and a community of creatives for 8 weeks?

'Rock The Page, Rock The Stage' is my new online experience. It isn't just a course, it's a holistic creative journey to connect with your genius as a writer, speaker, storyteller and performer.

No matter your experience, this immersive will bring humour, heart and authentic confidence to the page, stage and most importantly, your life.

The course will cover

*Embodied Writing
*Guided Meditations
*Structured Improvisation

*The Meisner Acting Technique
*Creative Archetypes
*Vocal Rhythms
*Storytelling Structures

This course will help you in the following areas

*Public Speaking
*MC / Presenting
*Pitching / Sales
*Social Media content
*Facilitating workshops
*Acting (TV, Theatre and Film)
*Zoom Presentations
*Script writing
*Social life

You will walk away with more access to your

*authentic expression
*creative genius
*inspired storytelling

Perhaps you have one of the following challenges?

*Struggling to make more money from your craft
*Struggling to share more of your authentic voice with the world
*Lacking motivation to take action on your creative nudges
*Inner Critic having a field day
*Writer's block
*Feeling alone in your creative pursuits

*Stuck with an upcoming speech

*Putting together a solo show
*Struggling to access your creative genius by yourself

This course is also for people who crave more connection to creative community. This course will bring together like minded people together to co-create and collaborate with.

My appearance on Studio 10

Success Story


'What an eye-opening, heart-opening and body awakening experience. Through her playful curiosity, gentle acceptance and carefully selected, expansive exercises, Clare welcomes us back to our most generative, generous selves.

I've done a full University Degree in Creative Writing and never felt such a sense of authenticity between my mind, body, spirit and the sheet of paper in front of me.

If you want to tap into the wisdom of not only your mind, but your body, your soul and something that only the synergy of collaboration can create, I couldn't recommend Clare's works more.'

Naomi Hill - Coach & Writer



Wednesday February 2nd 2021 - Wednesday March 23rd 2021

6.30pm - 9.00pm AEDST (Melb / Syd Australia time)






Who is this online journey for?


* Creatives

* Writers

* Singers

* Actors

* Comedians

* Poets

* Speakers

* Podcasters 

* Coaches 

* Workshop Facilitators 

* Online Marketers 

* Entrepreneurs 


Early Bird Special 

$597 upfront

Payment Plan

$70 x 10 weeks

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Success Story


It is impossible to put into words how much I have learnt with Clare Dea. She really has helped me to make amazing changes to my life inside and outside of my career. Before beginning the training, I was doing work as a creative, but a large portion of the time felt like I was not reaching full potential or freedom in my work and often felt blocked. After beginning the training it wasn’t long before I started to feel big changes in my work, almost like gates opened inside me and allowed me to freely and joyfully tap into my creativity on many different levels. I am now working professionally as a songwriter and performance artist. 

Charlie Thorpe - Professional Singer