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Ready to dive into the magical, mystical, and practical world of money and manifestation?

Welcome to Wealth Codes: Unlocking Your Unique Money Personality.


The ultimate ebook to discovering your money archetypes and embracing financial peace and prosperity.

Yes Please

What's inside?

A fascinating journey through the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes ®

Whether you're a pleasure loving Romantic, a meticulous Accumulator, an adventurous Maverick, or a caring Nurturer, this book will help you uncover the secrets of your money personality and guide you to financial empowerment.

Insightful Money Quiz

Start with a fun, eye-opening quiz to identify your top money archetypes.

Get to know the characters that shape your financial habits and learn how to harness their strengths.

Heartfelt Stories

Dive into my raw and relatable personal stories with money.

You'll laugh, cry and hopefully learn from my mistakes and breakthroughs.

Especially how I cleared my $109,000 debt!

Practical Tools

Get down-to-earth advice on creating a committed relationship with your money.

These are the actionable steps you’ve been looking for!

Spiritual Guidance

Embrace the sacred side of money with tips on financial forgiveness, making amends, and manifesting your heart’s desires.

It’s time to align your finances with your spiritual journey.

Relationship Tips

Navigate money in relationships and families with ease.

Turn financial stress into harmony and work as a team to achieve your financial dreams.

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Meet Your Financial Fairy Godmother

Clare Elizabeth Dea


Clare Elizabeth Dea is a touring performance artist, speaker, author and money mentor for creatives. 

With a passion for helping others live their best lives, Clare combines her experience in the arts with her expertise in financial empowerment to guide you on a transformative journey. She is dedicated to helping dreamers, artists, creatives, coaches, performers, and entrepreneurs achieve financial peace and abundance.

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