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Success Story

I recently completed an immersion with Clare Elizabeth Dea and it is without a doubt one of the most transformative learning experiences I have been a part of.


I thought I was signing up for a course to learn how to project my voice and be better on stage. I received that and much, much more. I learnt how to be seen on stage. I learnt how to join my audience in a deep conversation. I learnt how to present from where I was emotionally at. I learnt how to connect with my true authentic self by opening doorways to stories that have shaped my life. If you are looking to push past your own perceived limits, this is the course for you.


Clare is a tremendous facilitator who walks the walk and leads with love. Her ability to find the voice inside of you and to amplify this is second to none. You are at a crossroads now. Imagine a world where you reach the potential you know you have deep inside you. Clare will help you get there but be prepared to do the work! 


Steve Brophy - Writer and Teacher



4 years ago, my first book 'The One Breast Goddess - Transforming Shame Into Beauty' was published. From this, I got a lot of speaking opportunities, including an invitation from Tedx. These experiences led to my fascination with the art of storytelling, leadership and persuasion. How to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. 


From writing and performing my own one woman show, 'Dropping The Mask' I have a lot of insight into how to bring a vision and message into a powerful story on stage. 


I would love to work with you to help harness your stories and bring them to life. 

hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea 

I am a performance artist, speaker, writer and creative mentor. I would love to help you bring your authentic voice to the stage and share your stories with many. 


Whether you dream of writing and performing a solo show, doing a Ted Style Talk or just want to feel more confident on stage, this course will be transformative. 


For over 10 years I have been coaching creatives, teaching a variety of acting techniques and Voice Dialogue. Particularly working with actors, singers, dancers, writers, coaches, speakers, comedians, poets and creative entrepreneurs. Helping them to authentically express themselves on stage and video.

I have also been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. From musical theatre, performing in stadiums internationally, to TV/Film, nothing brings me more joy than sharing a story on stage and connecting with an audience. 


Would you love to captivate your audience ?

Be more authentic and confident ?

Share your stories with many ?

So here it is... Your Story On Stage... 


A two day immersion to bring a group of passionate, supportive and soul-driven storytellers and creatives together to go on a journey into our imaginations and shine a light on our unique expression on stage 


Embodied Writing Practices

Structured Storytelling

Vocal Rhythms

Stage Craft

Meisner Acting Techniques

Performance Archetypes

Personal Branding

Building Your Audience

If you are focused.... you will walk away with some new tools & material you can use in an upcoming show / presentation / launch.

This journey will activate parts of yourself that you didn't even realise you had access to. Be ready for an entertaining, inspiring and heart warming experience. 


16th & 17th February 2019

10am - 6pm

Location - Busybird Publishing 



For those of you who want to own your authentic voice










For those of you who are tired of playing small and want to shine in your authentic expression.

It's time to inspire others by sharing your story. Everyone has a story to share that can make a dynamic difference in the world.

Success Story

'What an eye-opening, heart-opening and body awakening experience. Through her playful curiosity, gentle acceptance and carefully selected, expansive exercises, Clare welcomes us back to our most generative, generous selves.

I've done a full University Degree in Creative Writing and never felt such a sense of authenticity between my mind, body, spirit and the sheet of paper in front of me.

Naomi Hill - Coach & Writer





$97 deposit with 5 weekly payments of $100


$750 for two tickets 

*Please note tickets cannot be refunded

If you have any questions please contact

Signing up for this course you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions

Success Story

It is impossible to put into words how much I have learnt with Clare Dea. She really has helped me to make amazing changes to my life inside and outside of my career. Before beginning the training, I was doing work as a creative, but a large portion of the time felt like I was not reaching full potential or freedom in my work and often felt blocked. After beginning the training it wasn’t long before I started to feel big changes in my work, almost like gates opened inside me and allowed me to freely and joyfully tap into my creativity on many different levels. I am now working professionally as a songwriter and performance artist. 

Charlie Thorpe - Professional Singer

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