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Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic influencer known internationally as a performance artist, speaker and author. 

Extremely passionate about authentic expression, storytelling and connection, audiences are captivated by her presence and ability to move them deeply.


Working officially from the age of 16 in the Entertainment Industry, Clare started wearing a lot of masks on and off the stage. Hiding from the world that she was born with Poland's Syndrome, a rare congenital condition where her left hand side of her body is smaller than her right. Born without her left pec, her left breast never developed as a teenager. She was so ashamed of her body, she kept it a secret for many years.


After a lot of soul searching, psychotherapy and personal development, she courageously shared her story publicly in memoir 'The One Breast Goddess - Transforming Shame Into Beauty.' This led to many interviews and speaking opportunities about owning your authentic voice, including an invitation from Tedx.

Also passionate about helping other creatives shine, Clare's entrepreneurial spirit led her to open various businesses including the 'Victorian Dance Studio,' acting school 'Meisner Melbourne' and branching into a personal brand with a range of merchandise, online courses and online TV shows. This leading her to be nominated for Telstra Business Woman Of The Year.

In May 2018, she launched her first transformational theatrical experience 'Dropping The Mask.' A One Woman show with live band. Directed by Richard Lawton and Musically Directed by Joe Oppenheimer. A sold out season and rave reviews, Clare was inspired to continue writing transcendental memoirs for the stage. 

However, in mid 2018 in America studying, Clare hit a rock bottom. $109,000 of debt, anxiety and no clear direction, she took 6 months off her creative pursuits to put her focus on recovery from compulsive spending habits. She went into a spiral of shame and had to face the reality of her financial situation. Here is where she came face to face with the principles and practices that have shaped 'Money Yoga.' She was then committed to a daily 'Money Yoga' practice and created a new reality for herself in life and business, where her money shadows weren't stealing the spotlight. 

In September 2019, Clare made a come back to her career and launched a new show 'Devil Woman' at The Melbourne Fringe Festival. Delving into her story of having Poland's Syndrome in a comedy cabaret. 


Media caught onto her story and she started receiving publicity all over Australia. Studio 10, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Channel 9 Honey, The News Daily, The Melbourne Explorer all featuring her story. Then American Company 'Hashtag Stories' saw her story and together they crafted a video about her show, which received over 1 million hits in the first 24 hours.


To complete a transformative 2019, a film that she starred in ‘Bodies’ played in Hollywood and New York at NYC Doc Fest.


From her new found inner confidence from her 'Money Yoga' practises, she started to get regularly employed as a MC, speaker and performer at a range of in person and online holistic events. Recently presenting at 'Freedom Festival,' 'Get Hacked, Get Hi,' 'Soul Star Festival' and 'Big Love Festival.'


She is also touring Australia with her new transformational comedy show 'The Spiritual Love Guru.' The tour began in Perth in February 2020 and was put on a pause due to COVID-19. Pivoting her show to an online spiritual dating show 'Love In Quarantine' proudly sponsored by Evohe Skincare. Her Australian tour will recommence in 2021. 


With lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne, Clare delved deep into what she could create during this time to be of greatest service. That was when her partner Oz and her created the Money Yoga 'Personal Finance Tracker.' One of the tools that has helped them create peace, clarity and prosperity. You can find that in the merchandise section of the website. 

Clare is now working with creative's 1-1 helping them align their creative vision, develop a spiritual plan and have a healthy relationship with money and selling their soul's work.


Clare would love to work with you. Feel free to contact her at for any performing or speaking opportunities. 

Success Story

After having a taste of Clare’s magic, I invited her to speak at one of my events. Clare was able to craft an inspiring message for my audience and adapt to the energy in the room on the day. Her delivery was on point! She combined humour, examples, and vulnerable personal stories that connected her to the audience and made her point powerful and rememberable. She gave the audience immediately useful take-aways and her passion, honesty and presence have had her totally command the stage. My audience left feeling excited and motivated. So much so, I had her back to do it again! I highly recommend Clare as a dynamic, personable and transformational speaker. 


Alexis Harvey, Owner & Founder



Success Story

A deeply entertaining experience that takes the audience on a journey into the exploration of our heart and ego, whilst providing us with a story line that is relatable, touching and authentically portrayed.

Clare has a wonderful voice and she shines as she shares her array of onstage talents. Her courage is palpable and her passion is infectious.

I highly recommend it. It is an experience, not just a musical."


Sarah Gale - Wearing Your Worth

Are you ready to feel more clear, congruent, and confident with your relationship with money?


If you answered yes, then raise a celebratory cheeky glass and cheers to your future financial freedom. 


How, I hear you ask?

Its holistic, it's practical AF, it's....



Success Stories

I love how easy the personal finance tracker it is to use. The questions force me to look at my spending differently and OMG the time tracker, what a life saver. Thank you Clare & Oz for creating this.


Beth G - Writer, Poet, Dancer



My relationship with money has been revolutionised. I am so grateful for Clare’s gentle and respectful approach to helping me face some hard truths about money.

I am now 'dating money' on a daily basis and taking actions that are building financial security week on week. Thanks, Clare! 


Elizabeth H - Mother, Workshop Facilitator 

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My Book

Clare Elizabeth Dea was born with a rare syndrome called ‘Polands.’ Her left hand side of her body deformed, her left breast never developed.

Totally ashamed of her imperfections, she never talked about this with anyone for the first 28 years of her life. Living a lie and hiding her true self from the world.

Through a lot of personal development and performance training Clare has transformed her life. 

In The One Breast Goddess - Transforming Shame Into Beauty... Clare will share her story and easy to use tools to transform your life. To turn your biggest challenges into the keys to unlocking your creative flow.

Success Story

'What an eye-opening, heart-opening and body awakening experience. Through her playful curiosity, gentle acceptance and carefully selected, expansive exercises, Clare welcomes us back to our most generative, generous selves.

I've done a full University Degree in Creative Writing and never felt such a sense of authenticity between my mind, body, spirit and the sheet of paper in front of me.


If you want to tap into the wisdom of not only your mind, but your body, your soul and something that only the synergy of collaboration can create, I couldn't recommend Clare's works more.'

Naomi Hill - Coach & Writer

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Success Story

It is impossible to put into words how much I have learnt with Clare Dea. She really has helped me to make amazing changes to my life inside and outside of my career. Before beginning the training, I was doing work as a creative, but a large portion of the time felt like I was not reaching full potential or freedom in my work and often felt blocked. After beginning the training it wasn’t long before I started to feel big changes in my work, almost like gates opened inside me and allowed me to freely and joyfully tap into my creativity on many different levels. I am now working professionally as a songwriter and performance artist. 

Charlie Thorpe - Professional Singer

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