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Are you ready to feel more clear, congruent, and confident with your relationship with money?


If you answered yes, then raise a celebratory cheeky glass and cheers to your future financial freedom. 


How, I hear you ask?

Its holistic, it's practical AF, it's....

The 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker!

With bonus prerecorded online workshop 'The Art of Wealth Creation.'

The workshop delves into sabotaging money archetypes, your 2022 goals and

how to practically use each of the financial freedom spreadsheets.

You don't need excel or any fancy software. 

The tracker is very easy to use on a MAC, PC or smart phone.



2022 Financial Freedom Tracker


'The Art of Wealth Creation Online Workshop'

Success Stories

" I love how easy the financial freedom tracker is to use. An absolute life saver. Thank you Clare & Oz for creating this. "





" My relationship with money has been revolutionised. I am so grateful for Clare’s gentle and respectful approach to helping me face some hard truths about money.

I am now 'dating money' on a daily basis and taking actions that are building financial security week on week. Thanks, Clare! "



"I loved learning about the money archetypes and Clare's raw and real stories. It humanised the process so that it wasn't so dry and painful. I learnt how simple and easy it can be to track your numbers when you have a quality structure and spreadsheet set up for you. I'd recommend 'The Art of Wealth Creation' workshop and 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker to anyone who feels like they'd like to bring more maturity to their money management habits."


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Are you in debt?

Don't earn enough?

Avoid looking at your bank accounts like they are a coronavirus? 

Or perhaps you are the total opposite!

A compulsive saver?

Addicted to investing?

But not actually living your dream life? 

Hi, my name is Clare Elizabeth Dea.


For many years I was in over $100,000 of unsecured debt. I was earning good money as a workshop facilitator and performer but had no idea how to manage my money. I was in denial that I actually had a problem.

Thanks to a random encounter, I found myself in a recovery room for people with

financial challenges.

Over time I realised I was a compulsive spender. 

I also learnt I'm not the only one 'funny with money.'

Many people are dysfunctional with money.

From people deep in debt, poverty addicts to millionaires scared they will lose it all.

So my partner Oz Alima (crypto yogi) and I created the 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker

to help you get raw and real with your finances so you can experience

clarity, peace and prosperity.

Whatever your money situation, the 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker

and our prerecorded online workshop 'The Art of Wealth Creation' 

is a fun way to start the year with a clean slate and create new daily habits

for financial freedom. 

I am giving you the exact spreadsheets my partner Oz and I 

 use everyday for financial abundance.

We can't wait for you to use them. 


The spreadsheets are easy to use, however watching the replay of our workshop 

'The Art of Wealth Creation' will help you to understand them better. 

This is why we give you the workshop as a free bonus!





52 weekly trackers (expenses and income) that

automatically calculate a monthly total.

Each month has 5 weekly trackers.




12 monthly trackers (expenses and income).

Each month consists of 5 weekly trackers that automatically

calculate your monthly numbers.

These will total together in your yearly tracker.


All of your monthly numbers are automatically calculated in your yearly tracker. 

Expenses and Income. 



Assets and Liabilities.

A spreadsheet for you to record all your

assets and liabilities and calculate your net worth.


8 areas of life. 

Family, Social, Health, Romance, Financial, Spiritual, Hobbies, Career.

A space for you to list what you would love to have, do and be.

This will help you to create your vision bank accounts. 




A space for you to calculate weekly, monthly or yearly bills / income.




A space for you to calculate your large fixed expenses for the year like

car rego, car insurance, xmas gifts etc.

This spreadsheet is designed to help you work out how much a week or month

you should save in a seperate bank account for large yearly expenses. 


A space for you to seperate your bank accounts and choose

how much to put in each every pay cycle. 

And of course the workshop

'The Art of Wealth Creation.' 



2022 Financial Freedom Tracker


The Art of Wealth Creation Online Workshop

The 2022 Financial Freedom Tracker 

Success Stories

"I loved that it was simple and easy to understand with no jargon or complicated theory. I would recommend it to anyone who has a challenging relationship with money and has no idea where to start improving it. It's a no brainer for someone to kickstart their financial peace of mind."



"Loved 'The Art of Wealth Creation' workshop, covered lots of practical content, inspiring, funny, honest anecdotes and plenty of tips to put in place. I would recommend this to everyone!! Sooo good! Especially the financial tracker breakdown."


I loved 'The Art of Wealth Creation' workshop! It took a wholistic perspective and was super triggering in the best way! Clare managed to make spreadsheets sexy- and I never thought that was possible! I learned that I have a Poverty Addiction learned from my Dad. I realise that it is time, now at 49 years of age to release that and create a more empowering context. I'm excited for 2022.



Oz Alima and Clare Elizabeth Dea are not lawyers, accountants, financial planners, bookkeepers or work in an industry qualified to tell you what to do with your finances. Our insights come through our life experience and following principles we have been taught by others. We will not be giving out financial advise at this workshop. Our results have come from discipline, research and commitment.