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Melbourne Fringe Festival
16th October - 22nd October


An addictive cabaret with Broadway bangers,

self-help clangers and an overdose of courage.

Coming down from her wedding, Clare is up again on chocolate, Netflix and scrolling socials. Pretty much doing anything she can to avoid the fact that her husband wants her to pop out a baby.

So why not birth a new solo show for the Melbourne Fringe instead about the mother of all addictions...

No, not drugs or booze!

This is a different kind of vice, one we all share - the need to feel seen,

heard and validated.

Let’s put all of us in the spotlight and jazz hands our way through rehab with some Liza Minelli meets Brene Brown.

Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s diva-fuelled TV show ‘Smash’ and Clare’s own real-life opus of addiction, this is a daring new cabaret with a twist.

Featured on Studio 10 and in The Guardian, Clare's captivating singing and storytelling will have you laughing one minute, crying the next and screaming, “OMG, she actually just went there!”

Touring Australia for the last 3 years with her

sell-out transformational theatrical experiences,

this is Clare Elizabeth Dea as you’ve never seen her before.

Directed by multi award winning artist Andi Snelling.

Video footage of Clare's last cabaret show at
Melbourne Fringe
'Devil Woman.'
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