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Media KIT

Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic and captivating performance artist, keynote speaker and creative mentor, empowering people to transform shame and love their imperfections.


She ‘whips the audience into a frenzy’ - Weekend Notes


“That was seriously one of the most brilliant performances I have ever seen” Benjamin Harvey - Authentic Education.

Her 'breast' kept secret was that she was born with Poland's Syndrome. A rare congenital condition where her left hand side of her body is smaller than the right. When her left breast never developed as a teenager this really affected her mental health, asking her family to keep this a secret as she felt so ashamed. 

Clare kept her secret for 28 years!

This media kit includes interviews and articles about Clare's journey and how she has transformed her body challenges and shame by sharing her story in a one woman cabaret. 

Clare has spent the last 3 years touring her show around Australia with sold out seasons and rave reviews. 

She is available for interviews, podcasts and guest performances. Please contact

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