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What is your relationship with money?


Do you have a clear financial vision?


Do you at times experience vagueness or anxiety around money?

Making Money Sexy is an online experience to help you have a healthy relationship with money and create holistic and practical financial habits.


This course isn't just for you who want to make more money, it has been designed for those who desire to live your dream vision while having 

clarity, peace and fun with your finances. 


If you commit to watching the online videos, engage with the content and take inspired action, you will quickly start breaking through the money challenges that are stopping you from living your most abundant life.

Shannon Hurley - Testimonial Video

Success Story

I had the privilege to attend one of Clare’s training's on 'Making Money Sexy' and it was a fantastic experience.  I love how Clare brings her own beautiful unique authentic way into everything she does. She shares her own personal journey with money which is very comforting knowing you are not alone on your journey. Clare makes it fun, light, yet very informative.  Clare also makes learning about money very easy and interactive.

I learned so much from Clare about money. Especially around getting really honest with your habits with money in all areas of your life.
I walked away with many tools and skills from the session which will be very beneficial going forward. Thank you Clare.

I would highly recommend Clare as she teaches you from her heart and you feel she really cares about you

Laura O

hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea

I'm a performance artist, speaker, author and creative mentor. I love helping people who are committed to living their best life and creating an impact in the world. I have worked with over 1000 creatives in the past 20 years and the biggest challenges I see them facing is underearning, living pay check to pay check or making consistent good money but not loving their job. 

My vision for my clients is to live a life they love, doing their passions while looking after themselves financially. 


Making Money Sexy is my new online offering. I ran it recently as a 8 week live course. Ironing out what works and doesn't, I have now recorded 12 short, fun and valuable videos. I am looking for a new group of creatives to trial out the new content and give me feedback. It is very low cost (just enough to keep you accountable and invested.) I find when people do trial courses for free, they don't end up finishing them or don't get the same results as someone who does financially invest. 


The videos will be all on a FB group where you can comment and interact with the training. Also a space to meet others and ask questions. 

The training's become available on the 28th April and you will have 6 months access to the content to watch it when it suits you.


I suggest watching one video a week and taking time that week to action the lesson. However, with 6 months to complete the training, it gives you time to do one video module a fortnight if you want to go through it slower. 


Access to the course will open on 28th April


For those of you who want to

make your financial dreams a reality

  • Creating Intimacy With Money 

  • Unlocking Your Money Story

  • Financial Tracking

  • Dancing With Debt (not just $)

  • Spirituality Practices

  • Transforming Underearning

  • Rewriting Your Money Story

  • Igniting Your Assets

  • Transforming Shame, Guilt & Fear 

  • Aligning Your Creative & Financial Vision

  • Mindful Spending 

  • Embodying Your Wealth 

  • Making Peace With Money

  • Sexy Savings Plan

  • Looking After Your Future Self Financially 

Special Introductory Price

Expires on 28th April


2 x $35

* please note tickets can not be refunded

Success Story

I just wanted to share about an awesome course that I have been doing while in Covid Lockdown called "Making Money Sexy". I chose to invest in this course because I wanted to transform my money story and have a regular weekly time to focus and attend to my finances as well as provide some accountability. I loved the beautiful online community we created that provided such a lovely space to connect during this time of isolation when I am frequently dealing with a sense of loneliness. Absolutely loved working with Clare Elizabeth Dea who made this online course fun and informative with practices that really work. My biggest insight has been expanding my money story to include the Healthy Wealthy Woman not just the Under Earner. I encourage any of you creatives, struggling with money to work with this amazing, inspiring, gorgeous woman.

Patricia S



Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a performance artist, speaker and author. She loves helping others align their vision, build an unique brand and have a healthy relationship with money. Extremely passionate about authentic expression, storytelling and connection, audiences are captivated by her presence and ability to move them deeply.

Working officially from the age of 16 in the Entertainment Industry, Clare started wearing a lot of masks on and off the stage. Hiding from the world that she was born with Poland's Syndrome, a rare congenital condition where her left hand side of her body is smaller than her right. Born without her left pec, her left breast never developed as a teenager. She was so ashamed of her body, she kept it a secret for many years.

In 2014, after a lot of soul searching, psychotherapy and personal development, she courageously shared her story publicly in memoir 'The One Breast Goddess - Transforming Shame Into Beauty.' This led to many interviews and speaking opportunities about owning your authentic voice, including an invitation from Tedx.

Also passionate about helping other creatives shine, Clare's entrepreneurial spirit led her to open various businesses including the 'Victorian Dance Studio,' holistic acting school 'Meisner Melbourne' and online talk show 'The Actor's Process.' This led her to be nominated for Telstra Business Woman Of The Year.

In 2018, she launched her first transformational theatrical experience 'Dropping The Mask.' A One Woman show with live band. A sold out season and rave reviews, Clare was inspired to create a new show to tour the world.

In September 2019, Clare launched a new show 'Devil Woman' at The Melbourne Fringe Festival. Delving into her story of having Poland's Syndrome in a comedy cabaret. Media caught onto her story and she started receiving publicity all over Australia. Channel 10, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Channel 9 Honey, The News Daily, The Melbourne Explorer all featuring her story. Then American Company 'Hasttag Stories' saw her story and together they crafted a video about her show, which received over 1 million hits in the first 24 hours.

Late 2019, a film that she starred in ‘Bodies’ played in Hollywood and New York at NYC Doc Fest.


She now work's regularly as an MC, speaker and performer at a range of events. Recently performing at 'Freedom Festival,' 'Get Hacked, Get HI,' 'Soul Star Festival' and 'Big Love Festival.'

She is also touring Australia with her new show 'The Spiritual Love Guru.' The tour began in Perth in February 2020 and will recommence at the end of the COVID - 19 lockdown period. 

Clare credits a lot of her success in recent years to her deep inner work and practical habits around money. She is passionate to share them with you .

Special Introductory Price

Expires on 28th April


2 x $35

* please note tickets can not be refunded

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