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Thank you so much for your interest in my new holistic online reality show ‘Love In Quarantine.’ A show where the community helps my housemate Chris our ‘New Age Bachelor’ find ‘aligned’ love. The show is hosted by my character 'Crystal Indigo Light' from my Australian Live Tour 'The Spiritual Love Guru.' 


The show features 7 single women from all over Australia who are creatives with an interest in spirituality. All the cast are excited to inspire you with their heart’s desires and unique message for the world.

The show and FB group also features guest interviews with experts in love, relationships and intimacy.

With our FB group going live on May 4th 2020 and the Pilot Episode released on May 10th, we are very excited with how well the show has been received so far. With new members joining the group each day, engaging with our content and watching the replay of the shows.

The first season has 8 episodes. Each episode live streamed into the FB group 'Love In Quarantine.' We hope you enjoy the show.

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