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Above is a replay of online masterclass 'Shine In Your Industry' diving into the
12 creative branding archetypes. 
If you are a performer, speaker, writer, artist, coach, facilitator or entrepreneur I would love you to check out 'Shine Your Light.' below.

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Are you ready to razzle dazzle your brand, build a heart centered biz & confidently make money doing what you love? 




Epic, you're in the right place.


Grab your fav beverage and let’s have a chat. 


I can’t tell you how many times I chat to creatives about the pain of not being clear about the vision of their creative career and not making consistent juicy $$$ sharing their gifts with the world. 


I work with all kinds of creatives: performers, speakers, coaches, facilitators, writers and entrepreneurs. 


I’ve had clients that are at the beginning of their journey to famous actors and personal development gurus. They all face similar challenges along their path. Doubts, insecurities and stresses around their talents, gifts and business skills. 


Can you relate?


I know I definitely wasn’t taught branding, marketing and selling skills at school. Let alone how to create a healthy, thriving business in alignment with my authentic expression. 


That’s why I’ve created ‘Shine Your Light.’


A 3 month deep dive into 12 creative archetypes to help you embody your unique brand, create captivating content and have a sexy AF relationship with selling and business.

Success Story


Clare is truly a powerhouse and is deeply passionate and excited to see you thrive.

She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to heart centred marketing and is deliciously generous with her trainings and worksheets. Her work is a gorgeous blend of pragmatic meets soul. Her teachings have been invaluable in sparking my confidence and reigniting my passion.


Shoshana Sadia


Poet, Performer & Feminine Embodiment Mentor 

hi, I'm Clare Elizabeth Dea

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 8. My dad got retrenched so I went to work to pay for my dance classes. 


Work? What did you do at the age of 8? 


I busked at the local shopping centre. Nothing like the sound of $$$ hitting the green ice-cream bucket! 


Being a cute kid playing ‘Mary had a little Lamb’ on the recorder gave me an easy in, but once I got to teenage years, it wasn’t so easy to get random strangers to hit me up with the gold coins. 


So at 16, I opened up a dance school. I love teaching about anything I’m passionate about and dance has been a huge part of my life. However, teaching back in my early years was also a great way to hide. To hide my body and story with the world. 


You see, I was born with Poland’s Syndrome…


What’s that I hear you ask?


It’s a rare congenital condition. 


The left hand side of my body is smaller than the right. I didn’t develop my left pec so my left breast never developed. As a teenager I felt like a one boob monster, a freak that didn’t belong or fit in. I didn’t want anyone to know. 


Even though I had a muscle transplant and full breast reconstruction on my left hand side I still felt different. I swore to keep my story a secret. The shame ate at me and hindered me really going after my dreams. 


I always dreamed of being on big stages. A star on broadway. My name in lights. However, my biggest fear was also to be really seen. For someone to find out my story. 


I moved to London to study acting. 


However, was acting about acting, or was acting the craft of being your authentic self? Having access to all the archetypes within the self?


I studied for years the art of acting and a range of archetypal frameworks. 


I came back to Australia and had an acting school for 6 years, teaching others how to authentically express themselves.


Hilariously, I still wasn’t sharing my truth with the world.


Thank goodness for a great psychotherapist and a singing course that asked us to sing about our biggest fears. I started to uncover even more of my masks and got to the point of actually starting to share with the world that I only developed one breast. 


This was the start of a journey to really hearing the whispers of my intuition and what I really wanted to create in the world. I wanted to empower people to transform shame and love their imperfections through world class, transformational experiences. 


From publishing a book, creating online TV shows, touring my one woman show and running over 1000 workshops the last 25 years, I have learnt a thing or two about mixing your art with business. The ins and outs of making money doing what you love. 


I got myself in and out of $109,000 of debt, most of it being because of my lack of financial skills… 


One of the biggest challenges has been really taking my business seriously. Accurately crunching numbers, having contracts in place and launching marketing campaigns. 


In my years of working with creatives around business most of them find it really scary to build a business. Not just the money side of things, the confidence with branding, marketing and selling. Especially now when it feels like every Tom, Dick and Jane is offering their products and services online. 


So this is why I am also offering ‘Shine Your Light.’ 


To bring together a community of creatives to help them align their vision, build a unique brand and sell products and services that make them come to life. While having a sassy spiritual business plan in place. 


We will deep dive into the genius of the 12 creative archetypes, while also looking at the dysfunctional shadows that play out. 


Also a bonus one day workshop to help you slay your creative biz with holistic money tools and spiritual business practices. This workshop will change the way you look at the business… I mean it’s called ‘Show’ Business for a reason. Your creative talents and gifts are being packaged in a way that brings you $$$ 


If it isn’t you may as well call your gifts and talents a hobby….. And unfortunately you won’t be of service to the world in the way you know you could be.

My One Woman Show - Devil Woman

Success Story


"I've just finished a 8 week creative business course with Clare Elizabeth Dea. What an amazing journey it has been!


Clare’s open-hearted and authentic communication style resonated with me from the start. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is a shining example of someone fully being and expressing themselves.


She is a gifted mentor and has a way of getting the message through in a fun and inspiring way. She has helped me in so many ways it’s hard to concisely express. One of the massive takeaways was getting clarity on my purpose and vision, while also helping me to shift a lot of my own limiting beliefs and develop the courage and the confidence to putting myself out there.


Thank you so much Clare for all the support, wisdom and love you have given us! It is clear you have found your calling in life, and I know you will continue to massively transform the lives of all you work with."


Lucy Graham - Songwriter and Singer



Tuesday evenings 7pm - 9.15pm AEDT starting on April 18th and concluding on 4th July. 




A fun and funky zoom room 


Who is this course for?


* Creatives

* Writers

* Speakers

* Performers 

* Coaches 

* Workshop Facilitators 

* Online Marketers 

* Entrepreneurs 


I predominantly work with creatives that would love to be more savvy in business, more confident to share their craft and make more money from their gifts and talents. 


What to expect? 


* 12 weekly live online sessions diving into a different creative archetype each week

* Delving into dysfunctional beliefs that are sabotaging your success in your creative pursuits. For example I am not good enough, worthy enough, significant enough.

* Visioning and Intuitive Goal Setting

* Creative practises to unlock your authentic expression and get your voice and body moving.

* Practical Tools to build your brand, captivate your audience and sell your services in a way that feels aligned to who you are.   

* Bonus 'Slay Your Creative Biz' one day workshop to look at practical money tools and holistic business practises.

* Supportive community of creatives working together 


Payment Plan - $100 deposit (12x $100)


General Admission - $999 Upfront

Success Story


I recently worked with Clare Elizabeth Dea over a six month period and it is without a doubt one of the most transformative learning experiences I have been a part of.

Clare is a tremendous facilitator who walks the walk and leads with love. Her ability to find the voice inside of you and to amplify this is second to none. You are at a crossroads now. Imagine a world where you reach the potential you know you have deep inside you. Clare will help you get there but be prepared to do the work! 


Steve Brophy - Writer and Teacher


🎤 The Rockstar captivates an audience with their magnetism, voice and ability to bring people together. Let’s jazz up those vocal chords and sing your message out to the masses. 

📖The Storyteller takes an audience on a sensory, emotional journey through their genius of sharing stories. Let’s connect with the heart of your audience through the power of storytelling in your own unique way. 

🎨The Artist evokes deep emotions within an audience that moves them to a new state of being. Let’s bring your artistic gifts to all parts of branding, marketing and sales. 

💃The Siren arouses their audience through the power of their sexuality. Let’s turn on your audience and make them 💦for your products and services. 

💕The Lover makes an impact through their ability to connect intimately with their audience. Let’s genuinely make them feel seen, heard and important to you. 

🦸‍♂️The Hero inspires the audience to face their challenges and come out the other side transformed. Let’s build up the courage within you to feel clear, congruent and confident with your offerings. 

🔮The Magician opens up their audience to the wonders of the universe. Let’s rub the genie’s lamp and make all your creative wishes come true. 

⚠️The Maverick inspires their audience to take risks, be bold and rebel against the norm. Let’s break the rules and create a career that is true to you. 

🤰The Nurturer makes their audience feel cared for, supported and loved with their generous spirit. Let’s make sure you are also nurturing you and treating your creative ventures as a professional business. 

📞The Agent inspires an audience to believe in a product, service or message by understanding their values. Let’s also make sure the agent within you is representing you and all your gifts and talents. 

🤡The Jester brings joy and play to an audience through comedy, laughter and foolish antics. Let’s make branding, marketing and sales FUN, JOYFUL and not so damn serious. 

👩‍🏫The Teacher educates and informs their audience through their ability to communicate content clearly. Let’s use those skills to teach your colleagues and clients what you exactly offer and the value you bring to your industry.

Throughout the 12 week journey we will dive into all of these archetypes. Embodying their strengths and becoming aware of their weaknesses. 

Please note there are no refunds :)

Success Story


Working with Clare has been very beneficial for my healing practice. Her passion and knowledge come through an abundant amount of information and unique resources. Her communication is clear and beautifully structured, making every block of content an exciting area of growth. Her embodied approach has helped me to move from my head into my felt sense to make a deeper connection to my self and better decisions for my business. 

Alexandra Garrido - Holistic Emotional Healer & Artist

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